The South Cappadocia Tour is for those looking for excellence and to stay away from duplicating things, as Cappadocia has become one of the most important Turkey tours after Istanbul. There is nothing in this traditional trip as it takes you to another dimension completely, and enters you into a world of imagination and confusion, In short, there is nothing in this trip that can be found in all parts of Turkey.

South Cappadocia Turkey tour includes visiting Ortahisar Castle, Love Valley, Red Valley hiking tour, Cavusin Village and the 40 meters deep Underground City. lunch is also included on this tour.

Additional proposed flight: The Hot Air Balloon Flight in Cappadocia, which begins before sunrise and ends before the start of the southern Cappadocia flight, and lasts about two hours with connections and a one-hour flight in the balloon.

South Cappadocia Turkey Tour program

Ortahisar Castle

Ortahisar village is one of the most visited and preferred   destination that you can visit in Cappadocia, since the castle overviews a wonderful landscape with many important things to see in Cappadocia Turkey tour.

South Cappadocia tour – Ortahisar castle
South Cappadocia tour – Ortahisar castle

It will be a great advantage to walk in such an old village, with the fairy chimneys valley view, and the snow-capped volcano Erciyes.

This village was opened for public in 2013 and it is available now for the Cappadocia Tour.

Love Valley in Cappadocia

You can visit many interesting rock formations like cones, mushrooms that will look strange and magical for you.

Love valley in Cappadocia
Love valley in Cappadocia

You will also visit the viewpoint from above or you can trek right down to the base of huge rock structures. It’s totally safe and easy hike and you get a real feel of the Cappadocia magic.

Red Valley Hiking Tour

The name of this Valley was given because of the rocks of red color in it, and it is one of the best places for you if you want to watch a great sunset in Cappadocia.

Red valley in Cappadocia
Red valley in Cappadocia

If you have your camera with you, you will surely use it to get an unforgettable Photos in the Red Valley in Cappadocia.

Cavusin Village

The village of “Cavusin” is one of the oldest places that have been settled since the fifth century AD. It is an ancient village in which people still live in dwellings made of rocks.

Cavusin village in South Cappadocia tour
Cavusin village in South Cappadocia tour

The Papal Church of Priest John in the village of Cavusin dates back to the fifth century AD. As for the paintings painted in it, they return to the sixth, seventh and eighth centuries, the church has a beautiful panoramic view of the village located in Cappadocia.

Underground City of Ozkonak in Cappadocia 

You will then visit the underground city which is located in Cappadocia, what was really discovered from this city are 10 layers underground that are being worked on continuously and it is 40 Meters deep under the ground.

Underground city – South Cappadocia tour
Underground city – South Cappadocia tour

When you visit this city you will find that there are some sections open to tourists and others that may be under exploration, get to know the existing rooms that include stables, pantries, temples, study rooms, and other things that this city contains.

South Cappadocia Turkey tour includes:

  • A tour guide who speaks English.
  • Hotel transportation in an air-conditioned car.
  • Entrance fees to museums and rented places.
  • Lunch during the trip.

Cappadocia trip does not include

Personal expenses, Tipping, Balloon flight in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Tour Q & A

Q: Why choose a South Cappadocia trip?

A: South Cappadocia Turkey tour is an excursion which is outside everything previously known, whether it is to the south or it is a trip north of Cappadocia.
In Cappadocia you will get acquainted with villages and dwellings carved in stones completely, the city located at a depth of 40 meters underground with five layers.
As one of the best of Turkey tours, this trip includes an unparalleled Panoramic views and times that you will not forget, and most importantly, the possibility of obtaining a balloon flight in Cappadocia, which is one of the most distinguished trips in Turkey, where it takes place with captains that the world witnesses to their experience in flying.

Q: When is the best time to take a trip south of Cappadocia?

A: South Cappadocia tour is a trip that takes place on a daily basis at all times of the year, and it has nothing to do with a specific season or weather conditions, even if there is snowfall in that area, your trip is still valid, but with a snowy flavor.
But what may or may not take place in South Cappadocia Turkey tour is the air balloon flight, which takes place in the early morning before sunrise and there is always a possibility of canceling it depending on the presence of winds or not, and not because of the temperature, rain or snow.

Q: Are there additional activities that can be added to the trip?

A: You can do your shopping in Cappadocia, and you will find carpet products in Turkey that you can see and buy, and they are locally made by hand, making the people of this region proud of their manufacture.
In Cappadocia there are also additional trips that you can organize with our tourism company, such as quad safari trips, dinner with a Turkish dance show that includes dinner, a Turkish bath in Cappadocia, you must inquire in advance about these trips and tell us that you want this or that activity, in order to organize transportation if It is required.

Q: Where does the South Cappadocia trip start from?

A: This trip starts from your hotel in Cappadocia, and if you make a reservation, we will be able to pick you up from all the hotels in Cappadocia, but if you are in Istanbul and want to make this trip, you must book a Cappadocia trip so that this trip starts from Istanbul.

Q: How long is a trip south of Cappadocia turkey tour?

A: The duration of this journey is 8 hours, and it starts at 09:00 in the morning and ends at around 05:00 in the afternoon.

Q: Is South Cappadocia trip suitable for all ages?

A: The Cappadocia trip requires the tourist only the ability to walk for moderate distances and periods, and does not require much effort, but it may be unsuitable for the disabled or disabled due to the relative ruggedness of some places within the trip, which may cause difficulty in movement.

Q: If I decide to take this trip myself, is that possible and how?

A: The important thing on a South Cappadocia trip is not only to see those places mentioned in the trip, but also to obtain the information that your tour guide will provide you with.
It is best for you as an economical first choice to make this excursion with a small group ((about 15 people)) by booking South Cappadocia excursion in advance.
The other option (it is an expensive option) is to make South Cappadocia Tour by renting a car with a driver (we highly recommend that the driver be local) and then you will provide him with the names of the places you prefer and intend to visit in Cappadocia, and he will drive you to them one by one, and this is how you can spend The time you want in each area.
This trip can be completely private with a driver and a tour guide who speaks English, and here it will be more expensive, so the best economic option is to make South Cappadocia turkey Tour with a small group.

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